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World's best Guess my Number game

This is a game for building your:

All these qualities will help you in real world where it will be imperitive to be all three. The game starts with asking you (the player) with your guess on the number the computer has chosen. For now, the computer does not restrict the number of tries that the user can take to guess. But keep watching this space. I plan to add more functionality to the program as we go forward and make it more interesting and challenging. At this time the range of numbers is just between 1 and 100. I will add difficulty levels to the game so that you can challenge yourself.

Update: Aug 6 2020

I have included the promised functionlity here to limit the number of tries the player has. There are also also enhancements like:

  1. Show the guesses the player has made
  2. Ability to restart the game
  3. Prevent player from entering more values once the correct number is guessed or if the player is out of tries.

My website (opens in a new tab) has a lot of other things to offer than just games and fun. I am a technology enthusiast who likes to play around with technology and fortunately, as a part of my day job, I am able to play around with technology as well as help my customers.

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