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Its been just over 18 months since I launched this website. A lot has happened over those months

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Hello and welcome to our website at

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After a long and painstaking research (at least for me) I figured out how to host a website from my home computer. At that time, I had a lofty vision for the website and the content that I will put on it. I had spoken to a lot of friends about it and had got a very enthusiastic response. And that is why there were so many subject lines I put in as they were here originally.

Sadly, not a lot of those promises materialised and it was left to me to carry keep on publishing stuff here. The publishing was erratic at best but the 18 months allowed me to really get focussed on what I could do with the resources I had at my disposal. Looking back over those days, I think the greatest influence on the posts have been the things I encountered in my professional capacity in my employment.

The key take away from this for me is that first there has to be some foundation before people will start pitching in. It's very difficult to encourage people to contribute to something which is non-commercial and volunteer work unless you can make them see your vision, which sadly I have failed so far.

There were, however some bright spots where I could spend some time and research some of the stuff like:

  • Linux
  • Issues with Linux
  • Windows and Active Directory
  • Microsoft products
  • Microsoft Exchange server
  • India related issues
  • Sports
  • Python (a little bit)
  • Project management

- Mukul Dharwadkar
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