About me

Hello and thank you for stopping by here.

This is me, then!

My name is Mukul Dharwadkar and I am a husband, father, technology enthusiast, tinkerer and an IT professional. I love spending time with my family, go on walks and hikes and travel with them. I also love to read and I read almost anything except hard core Isaac Asimov style science fiction. Somehow never developed the taste for it.

Anyway, I had run my website earlier on Plone from my home, but didn't really keep it updated and I accrued so much of technical debt that it became impossible to upgrade. Although I am still trying to review it. There were a lot of categories and good content there. Some day...

Professionally I have over 22 years of experience in IT infrastructure, architecture and cloud. I am a big fan of Python and Javascript. I have played around with both Python and Javascript a bit and I continue to explore these two programming languages.

I am certified AWS expert with multiple certifications and always happy to help anyone who needs my help. If you would like to connect me on LinkedIn. I very seldom (almost negligibly) tweet here.

While you are here, drop me a line in the comments section and share your thoughts or just feedback for my effort.